Being a woman in the world today can be equal parts trying and beautiful. The Resilient Vagina is here to talk about all of it.

Most of all, we’re here to celebrate all of the strength, courage, intelligence, and general bad-assery that women exemplify on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute basis. We’re here to remind you about how resilient you are. We’re here to talk about the things we need to be talking about in an unfiltered way. Fuck the filters.

The Resilient Vagina is just two friends talking about what it’s really like to navigate life as a woman today. We’ll also bring in a ton of experts to discuss a wide range of topics from motherhood to the pressing current issues that impact all of us to physical and mental wellness and everything in between. No subject is off limits. We’re talking about the good, the bad, the victorious, the challenging, and the vastly inappropriate.

The Resilient Vagina Origin Story

This podcast was born of a book project that Liz and Nikki worked on together. When they began the project, Liz was single and Nikki was married with a broken biological clock. Flash-forward to the end of the project and Liz was momma to Skye with her partner Adam, and Nikki was a single mom to Izzy.

In the course of working together during this crazy rollercoaster-period in both of their lives that was filled with a mixture of beautiful milestones and unforeseen obstacles, Nikki and Liz’s work conversations began to diverge (and then disintegrate) into very personal tangents that ran the gamut from ridiculous to revelatory. Liz and Nikki became a sounding board for each other in conversations that were equal parts deep and deeply inappropriate. 

The book project came to an end, but Liz and Nikki’s conversation did not. Now you can listen in on it at The Resilient Vagina.